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Thứ ba, 20.09.2016 03:12

Traffic in Southeast Asia is not in European standard, unless you are in Thailand. The most non-ordered traffic is in Vietnam though in Cambodia they do drive in the same way, but Vietnam has larger number of cars per population than in Cambodia and Laos.
Crossing the street in Vietnam does sound dangerous, but it’s also a lot of fun once you get the hang of it. Since the roads are cramped, the traffic moves slowly. Signals and crossings are completely forgotten, but the drivers are quite mindful of pedestrians. It’s truly a wonder that no one gets hurt!
Visiting Vietnam you must forget everything you ever learned about crossing the street. Forget about waiting for the traffic to stop, forget about zebra crossings, and forget about traffic lights. Because in Vietnam, people cross the street by charging right ahead, weaving their way through moving traffic. It’s the only way to do it!
It sounds dangerous, but it also seems kind of fun, in an adrenalin-pumping kind of way. This is an advice from a Vietnam Travel & Living Guide: “You want to get to the other end of the street but it does not look quite feasible. Unless you try it. Crossing over the jam is actually not that bad. You will just have to do it. The magic is that no one will ever run into you.”
Most of the vehicles on the streets are quite small, mostly scooters, since buying a car in Vietnam is an expensive affair. People riding these scooters are quite careful, they move slowly, have unobstructed view, and are cautious not to crash into pedestrians. All you have to do while crossing is take it slow, and don’t panic. Walk very slowly, but don’t stop either. If you keep moving at a slow pace, you’re likely to make it to the other side safe and sound. Remember, don’t be scared and NEVER RUN TOWARD OR BACK, because the vehicles then don’t know either you where you want to run, they may hit you or fall themselves

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