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The countries of Indochina are friendly and safe for travelers. With a sprinkling of common sense, your trip should be smooth and trouble free. However during a trip you may have some unexpected troubles caused by misunderstanding local culture, traditions and customs. We hope this list of DO’S & DON’TS will help you avoid these problems.

1- Travel with your guide from the agent you know well!
2- Learn some greeting words in local native languages for “Hello!”, “Thank you”. It shows how much you respect them and how grateful you feel.
3- Show respect and dress neatly while enter the church, temple or any other holy spiritual subject. The dress must cover your breast, legs and arms as most of locals are very conservative.
4- Before enter someone’s house or ritual and holy subjects, make sure if you need to take shoes or sandals off.
5- Take picture of people from distance you think that's enough. If do it direct to the face ask their agreement.
6- Buy only bottled water and make sure the bottle is sealed.
7- Try eating local delicious local whenever you can. It's not your experience but also helps local people.
8- Try to have plenty of change in your pocket and don’t let people know where you keep your money.
9- Do shopping in the look good shops or super market where you can pay by Credit Card.
10- In the remote areas do shopping in local house, do not by things from street venders.
11- When you book a hotel room, make sure there is a safe there to put your cash, credit cards and other valuable stuff in it.
12- Make sure first before you get in the car/taxi/bus/ train that they have a the counter. If you are not confident that the counter is correct, make sure and confirm final payment to the address you want go to.
13- Do shopping in the supermarket if there is one around you. Prices for foreigners are often much higher in the local markets.
14- When do shopping, bargain as much as you can, stop it if you don’t feel comfortable and satisfy.

1- Don’t wear valuable jewellery and don’t show off your expensive iPod/phone/clothes. Pick pockets are everywhere.
2- Don’t play no game, especially Pokemon go when walking in the streets. It’s very dangerous in local crazy and intricacy traffic.
3- Don’t do anything by your legs other than walking and playing sport, for local people the leg is “low” and the head is “high”.
4- Don’t try to touch someone’s head unless they are small baby. That means you don’t respect them.
5- Don’t step over someone who is seated in your path.
6- Don’t distribute gift or money to children as it encourages begging.
7- Don’t by sacred items and wildlife products.
8- Don’t use any illegal drugs.
9- Don’t show kissing and hugging in public, that’s impolite in local culture.
10- Don’t do nude bathing and swimming in public, that’s grisly in local culture.
11- Don’t praise someone by comparing them with the pet, that’s the contempt for local people.
12- Don’t hug, kiss local people, especially the women, that’s inappropriate in local culture.

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