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Danh mục trái
Home » ITINERARIES » Historical
Thứ hai, 05.09.2016 02:33

If you like to learn the culture, history and architecture of oriental nations, so this journey will give you what you want to know in brief and general since these are valuable heritage has been recognized by UNESCO.
Here we only introduce the unique heritage of each country through which you can see specific identity of each country.
Ha Long and Phong Nha Ke Bang are the pure natural heritage. Since no title "World Heritage", Ha Long has been recognized as the "8th World Wonder".
This is easy itinerary to travel because you only need to depart from Bangkok then travel in a cycle with the end in Siem Reap or vice versa.

But to be able to visit all of this legacy, you need 4-5 weeks. That’s almost impossible in this busy world. So please contact us to get a best journey from 10 to 12 days.



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