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Danh mục trái
Home » ITINERARIES » Indochina Overview
Thứ sáu, 26.08.2016 03:45

This itinerary takes plenty of time (about 3 weeks) and is suitable for those who want to learn about the countries and people where they are have not been affected by the impact of the development and commercialization.
Vietnam is a country with a very clear contrast between the untouched countryside with the skyscrapers in the modern city. Laos is almost a country with life in a forgotten world, Cambodia with ancient temples and human remains naive thinking as hundreds of years ago.

You will witness the diversity of unique culture in side by side on the narrow peninsula of Indochina: Angkor, Funan, China ...

Please contact us at info@vndtravel.vn or duc@vndtravel.vn to creat your detailed itinerary!

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