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Danh mục trái
Home » ITINERARIES » Laos Overview
Thứ sáu, 26.08.2016 03:42

Laos is famous for the pristine forests and wild elephants. In history people in neighbour countries used to call Laos as the country of "Million Elephants". Unfortunately due to development trend, people are attacking to the forest and the number of wild elephant now is much less than half century ago.
Even though, with small population of 6 million people over a relatively large area 200.000km2, Laos is still great destination for the travelers to come and visit a hidden civilization in the mountainous villages.
The South of Laos (Pakse) is famous for the beautiful waterfalls on the Mekong River, including Khon Phabeng waterfall known as the "Niagara of Asia".
The trip does not need much of time, just about 7 days.

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