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Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia are beautiful countries and they are a paradise for those who love photography. However, with limited time, you can’t travel through all then select the areas to come.

This itinerary helps you choose the best location for your passion.

The city of Hanoi is famous for the Old French architecture, over hundred year old Long Bien bridge what was built in the form of the dragon.
Hanoi also is famous for its night market where people traded fruits, food and flowers.
Old quarter will inspire you with rare photos record a mix of the ancient life inside modern city.

Best time to come: all year round.

Duration of stay: 2-3 days.

Sa Pa:
Sapa: here you will have a great opportunity to record a harmony between the human being and nature, the majestic beauty of the "roof of Indochina" on the highest mountain of Southeast Asia.
The hill tribes in the colorful cloths showing their cultures will give you the unforgettable pictures.

Best time to come: September to November, March to May.

Duration of stay: 2-3 days.

Ha Long
You will be ecstatic with great beauty of Ha long Bay, a mix of the color of sun, sky and water between 3000 islands and limestone rocks with numerous different shapes. Stalactites in the cave are the wonders of nature.

Best time to come: April, May, September to October.

Duration of stay: 2-3 days

Trang An is a harmony of the beauty of the "Ha Long Bay in land" with the rice paddies between steep cliffs, the green river lays in golden rice through the caves.
Besides the natural beauty, you also have the opportunity to record local life what has not been spoilt by the progress.

Best time to come: April, May, August to November.

Duration of stay: 2-3 days

Phong Nha Ke Bang is on of the best National Parks in Vietnam and the Natural World Heritage. It is famous for the largest amazing caves in the world, magnificent landscape of central part of Vietnam.
Best time to come: April, May, August to November.

Duration of stay: 2-3 days

Siem Reap: here you will forget a time when holding the camera and wander between hundreds of thousands years old temples and palces. To see your record later, you will see the history printed on each stone. When choosing a photo, you can not imagine that, how did the local people in a poor country could do these magnificent works, with the peak level of artistic creation.

Best time to come: all year round.

Duration of stay: 4-5 days

Please contact us at info@vndtravel.vn or duc@vndtravel.vn to creat your detailed itinerary!

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