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Danh mục trái
Home » Terms & Conditions » Privacy Policy & Safety
Thứ bảy, 10.09.2016 05:33

In order to make the best trip for you, we may collect the information and detail such as your name, date of birth, gender, postal address, telephone number, email address, passport details, medical information and travel insurance details (where applicable);. All these information and details may be considered “sensitive information about you”.
For your safe and security, we have the policy of Privacy:
- Your passport details will be used for necessary travel purpose only: hotel booking, purchase air-ticket, by insurance e.t.
- “sensitive information about you” will not be disclosed or shared with the third party or any other side, unless we may have to provide to the local authority in case of any violation of Law and Regulation made by you.
- The itinerary made for you will our secret, the date & time and other details of your individual trip will not be shared with any third party or other person.
- As we have small business it’s hard for us to have and implement good security for the payment by Credit Card, we recommend you to pay by bank’s transfer or cash upon arrival.
- We reserve the right to cancel paid itinerary and services if they have been booked by one passport holder but upon arrival you hold another passport unless it was noticed by email or fax and you have a copy of the old passport. 


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• Tailor-made itinerary & Questionnaire
• First Contact & Contract
• Booking conditions