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Normally you will need a visa to enter Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia. It costs $US45 if you submit the visa application by yourself through Vietnam embassy/consulate at your region. Forms are available at the Vietnamese embassy website. It often takes 1 – 2 weeks for processing. If you use a visa service, it often costs you from $US10 – 20 of service charge plus visa fee.
The best way to get visa is Visa upon arrival at the airport. To do that first you need to contact and send us a copy of your passport. We will apply for Visa’s upon arrival permission at Immigration department then send it back to you. We can do that within 4 working days prior departure of your trip.
This way is safe and convenient and cheaper, because you do not have to spend your time and jail your passport for a couple days at the Embassy. You just pay visa’s stamp fee at the airport and no visa’s permission charge if you book a trip by us.

The expired date of your passport is not less than 6 months until departure of your trip.

Travel insurance:
You should buy global traveling insurance from a good insurance company in your country. The important articles are bringing you back home for medical treatment, and covering treatment fees during the time you are traveling outside and inside home country if any

Travel insurance is very important becase an emergency abroad can be extremely expensive.
Remember: your embassy, high commission or consulate will not pay for this. Your credit card accident cover, household contents insurance or private health cover is not always sufficient.
Shop around for the best deal, but never buy a policy based on price alone - the cheapest policy may not cover all of your needs.

Emergency medical cover
The main purpose of travel insurance is to cover you for the potentially high cost of medical treatment and repatriation if you are injured or fall ill abroad. This should include:
• emergency medical treatment costs, including hospital charges and ambulance fees
• returning you home following medical treatment abroad if you cannot use your original ticket
• reasonable additional transport and/or accommodation expenses for a close relative or friend to stay with you or travel from from home to escort you if required
• temporary emergency dental treatment for the relief of immediate pain
• 24 hours assistance helplines to offer support and advice about appropriate treatment
• It is important to answer any questions from your insurance provider about your medical history fully and honestly. Withholding details of your medical history may mean you are not fully covered.

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