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Home » About us » Welcome to VnDtravel
Thứ ba, 04.10.2016 00:20

Dear Travelers!

My name is LE VAN DUC and I started to work in travel business since October 2007. Soon I realized that the best way to enjoy life is not getting as much as possible money or any other normal thing. That is to enjoy the natural and cultural values of the world.
After so long time working in this job, now I can say know my country and the rest of Indochina very well, really understand your needs, and enable you to take full control of your trip around Indochina (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand).
I do not design the tour in the way that hundreds of other travel companies are doing, with the similar itinerary and demand the travelers to follow timing as in the army. I also stay away from cheap tour that makes money by shopping.
My way is to make the trips what responds to your distinctive needs and expectations according to your time and budget condition, to your travel purpose: discovery, holiday, honeymoon, relax with the family or friends...
To do my job, I am armed by the knowledge from University in Hanoi where I studied Russian Language & Literature, English and Tourism Marketing.
I also have our team in a collection of experienced tour operators and guides. They will be your devoted friends during and after your journeys. They will be an integral part of your fond memories of your travel to Vietnam. The guide’s team is chosen for their wealth of knowledge in local culture and dedication to clients.
The way I run my business is Home Office and my business is legal with the License issued by Tourism Authority of Vietnam.



Address: 92 Hai Ba Trung st. Hanoi – Vietnam

Tel./Fax: (84-4) 936 6301/5954

Email: info@vdtour.com * duc@vndtravel.vn


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